Our Services

Abletron is your source for Tried, Tested and Accepted pre-owned electronic test and measurement equipment. With more than 20 years experience in the T&M marketplace, Abletron offers used equipment:

· Sales

· Rentals

· Repairs

· Buy Backs


Sales & Rental

Our inventory is broad enough to support your needs with both currently manufactured products, as well as those that are still needed, but no longer in production. Buy from Abletron and save up to 95% off original MRSP


Repair & Calibration Services

Abletron offers a wide range of proven repair & calibration support for products ranging from DC to RF/wireless

Our extensive inventory and technical expertise allows our company to take full advantage of the resources this unmatched combination offers and provides our clients with expedient & affordable means for keeping their test equipment assets fully operational while reducing and limiting costly down times. 

These unique repair services can save customers thousands of dollars over typical OEM pricing, while offering some of the same factory modifications and upgrades.  Whether it’s a power supply, oscilloscope, signal generator, DVM, spectrum/network analyzer, wireless tester or communications equipment, Abletron has the ability to provide the service & support that companies from all industries are seeking.

If Abletron is unable to repair your instrument it is still of value to both of us.  If unable to replace your device directly from our 10,000+ inventory, often alternative products may be available for upgrade, trade or exchange.

Our internationally recognized repair services include a in house calibration to assure each unit meets its factory specifications and as with any world class instrument repair facility, Abletron also work with 3rd parties calibration lab like Agilent to provide 17025 or SINGLAS cal. std as and when require by customer, Our turn around is generally less than two weeks based on parts availability and our shipping department always provides more than adequate packaging for each shipment.

Simply call or email Abletron directly anytime for a complete description of our evaluation terms, a budgetary quote or to answer any further questions you may have and we will be glad to respond effectively & professionally each and every time.