Switching Amplifer Measurement Filter
Class D amplifiers use a switching process that adds fast-rising edges at the switching frequency..
Multifunction Module
DC voltage and resistance measurements autoranging from 200 mV to 500 V and 200 ohms to 2 Meg..
Programmable Serial Interface Adapter
User interface The PSIA accommodates a wide variety of parameters to allow connection to virtuall..
Serial Interface Adapter
The Audio Precision Serial Interface Adapter (SIA) provides a means of interfacing the System One..
Balanced Switcher
The SWR-122M is a high-performance Audio Switcher for System One or System Two Audio Analyzer sys..
Audio Analyzer
The Audio Precision's System SYS-2722A is a PC-controlled audio test and measurement instrument. ..
System One Dual Domain
The Audio Precision System One Dual Domain test set: also DSP-equipped, includes all SYS-222 capa..