DC Ammeter & Voltmeter
Models 2012 ammeters are moving coil type instruments using a taut-band suspension system. The su..
Watt Meter(DC/AC)
Yokogawa 2041 single-phase wattmeter and single-phase low-power-factor wattmeter is electrodynamo..
DC Miliamp Meter
The E series of miniature portable instruments consist of JIS C 1102-2 Class 1.0 and Class 1.5 in..
X-Y Recorder
The 3025 is a fast, high performance A4  X-Y recorder, available as a one- or two-pen model...
Portable Recorder
The 3057 is a compact, dependable 150 mm portable recorder designed for virtually every applicati..
Leakage Current Tester
Model 3226 Universal Leakage Current Tester is a most reliable instrument developed by YOKOGA..
Earth Tester
The 3235 Earth Tester is used as a convenient test set for simple, accurate measurements of earth..
Digital Thermometer
The 7563 Digital Thermometer has 16 ranges of temperature sensors and DC, V, and Ohm measuring fu..
Abritrary Waveform Generator
10 MHz clock rate & 12-bit Resalution Built-in function generator Input Ch1 to Ch4 Freq..
Digital Oscilloscope
Floppy drive Freq Vmax/Vmin displays 8 traces GO/NOGO 21 wavefo..
Digital Oscilloscope
Long Memory:total 1MWord(option) impedance:1?O±0.5% DC~10MHz(20mV/div~10V/div) ..
Electrical contacts and gears were eliminated in the reocrding mechanism.  Data porcessing w..
Synthesized Vector Signal Generator
The VG6000 Synthesized Vector Signal Generators are another test instrument developed by Yokogawa..
Digital Power Meter
The WT2010/WT2030 offers variable attenuator filtering capability and an excellent combination of..