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Model: NGMO1
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The R&S NGMO analyzer/power supply is more than just a simple power supply for test and measurement applications. This is shown by its advanced features:

·  Accurate high-speed voltage source

·  Programmable DC load

·  Precise digital voltmeter

·  Transient recorder

·  Simple squarewave generator delivering high output power

Two models of R&S NGMO are available: The R&S NGMO1 single-channel analyzer/ power supply and the R&S NGMO2 dual-channel analyzer/power supply. The R&S NGMO2 provides all the above listed features two times, without any down-specification of the 2nd channel. Both channels are totally equivalent. Two independent channels (R&S NGMO2), installed in an enclosure which is .5 19" wide and only two height units, ensure a simple and accurate power supply for battery-operated mobile-radio products now and in the future. The outside view and the channel specification of R&S NGMO1 and R&S NGMO2 is the same.