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Spectrum Analyser

Model: U3751
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The U3751 is equally suitable for use on wireless communication device production lines and for field uses such as electromagnetic environment testing.

The U3751 is capable of measuring frequencies in the 9 KHz to 8 GHz band at twice the speed of its predecessor product. This performance was realized by speeding up the calculation of power consumption averages and the measurement of the occupied frequency band, both of which are essential to wave analysis. This enabled tremendous improvements in throughput and cost-efficiency during cellular phone production testing and on wireless LAN module production lines.

As a high-speed, portable spectrum analyzer, the U3751 offers best-in-class overall levels of accuracy (?0.8 dB/?1.0 dB). This was achieved by converting a major portion of the analytical processes (IF section) comprising the analog circuit to digital processes. Its highly reliable frequency measurements will contribute to improved yields on production lines as well as high-accuracy installation testing.

Fitted with a USB 1.1 port, LAN port, and GB-IB in its standard configuration, the U3751 can easily create and save measurement result files in its large-capacity USB memory and other data in a PC environment.